Tuesday 22 July 2008


Here is an easy pattern for a Balaclava, which my mother has recently made for a friend of my brother's who has gone to work in Holland.
Mum did not want to knit using circular needles, so I found a few patterns, as she used these as a base, and adjusted accordingly. Plus it is a lot easier to read that others I found on the net.

Size 3.25mm needles( or size 10)
1 ball of 8ply yarn (100 grams).

Knit first row into back of stitch, then continue in Rib of K2,PS for 6 inches.

Continuing on 3.25mm or size 10 needles, change to Stocking Stitch and knit 3 rows.
On the 4th row - Purl.
Purl 35, cast off 42 stitches, Purl 35.
Work on this last set of 35 stitches (leaviing other 35 stitches on stitch holder), and stocking stitch for 3 1/2 inches (finishing with a Knit Row).

Break off wool, leaving enough to be sewn into seam later.
Now pick up the other 35 stitches from the stitch holder.
Stocking stitch for 3 1/2 inches, starting with a Knit Row and finish with a Knit Row.

Next Row - Purl 35, turn needle, cast on 42 stitches, turn needle and Pul 35 stitches from stitch holder. Now you have 112 stitches on your needle.

Next - Stocking stitch across 112 stitches for 20 rows, then decrease for head.
1st Decrease - K12, S1,K1, PSSO - 8 times (104 stitches)
2nd row - Purl
3rd Decrease - K11, S1,K1, PSSO - 8 times (96 stitches)
4th row - Purl
5th Decrease - K10,S1,K1,PSSO - 8 times (88 stitches)

Continue in this manner decreasing one (1) stitch each alternate row until last 5 rows
K2,S1,K1,PSSO - 8 times (24 stitches)
K1,S1,PSSO - 8 times (16 stitches)
Knit 2 TOG across (8 stitches)

Pull wool through these 8 stitches twice and fasten off tight, then sew down back of Balaclava to beginning (ribbing).

To finish off the front face, Mum used 2 needles (3.25mm or size 10). You will find it easier picking up stitches if you use a smaller needle (or crochet hook if you prefer)and then transfer to your size 3.25mm or size 10 needle.
Pick up between 60 & 70 stitches from the left hand side and the bottom with wrong side faciing, then start knitting K2,P2 with the right side facing, for 5 Rows.

Cast off loosely on wrong side (6th row).
Knit same with top and other side, knitting 5 rows and casting off on the 6th.

Catch in the corners neatly and when finished, press lightly with a damp cloth.


The photos show the finished Balaclava


Nan said...

Cool! Thanks for the pattern, I think I'm going to go and start one right now! It will be great for my walks in the cold mornings!

Anonymous said...

This is a great pattern. I am knitting one for my ice fishing friend. I know she will enjoy wearing it on these cold, windy days out on the ice.
Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Anonymous said...

What size does this fit - my 9 year old daughter desperately feels the cold and the only ones I found for sale looked like a bank robber!

burrum said...

When my mother made the balaclava, it was for a lady. Not sure if you want to stick to this size, or maybe reduce the number of stitches.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, but I have a question- would it be possible to knit this entirely in garter stitch? I know that the ribbing requires purl, but I have a balaclava that is some type of fleece and does not have anything to tighten the open end.

If you do not think this is possible, can you post easy instructions for the purl stitch? I would love to learn and have tried following the instructions in my knitting book but that did not work. I have another book that might have better instructions but they have different instructions for the continental method and I don't know what method I use. I looked at the instructions for the two types of garter stitch, but neither of them seem to be the way I knit. My mom is the one who taught me to knit but I do not think she would know.

Anyway, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Easy to knit and fitted my 20 year old grandson, Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Hi there I am just starting your pattern for my son and am just checking that I have the ribbing right at the start. After knitting into the back of the cast on stitches do you k2 p2 ? I wasn't sure if k2 ps was a typo Thanks Sara

Unknown said...

thank you for the Balaclava Pattern, I am knitting them for the homeless, so it will help to keep their ears warm as well, in the cold winters..

Unknown said...

Thank you for the easy pattern, after three attempts I made something that looks like a pixie hat 😁

cheryl ridgway said...

Please tell me in your pattern for the EASY belaclava, casting on 112 stitches, it says to knit first rown in back loop of stitch only, then k2 and PS??? what does PS mean in this contest, I was sure this was a pattern using the rib stitch 2x2, have I misunderstood. my email is, and I would appreciate your reply as soon as possible, as I am anxious to get this started, knitting for my teenage grandaughter, thanks so much