Monday, 13 October 2008


What a delightful book to read - great story and an insight into the art of cheese making.
Blessed are Corrie and Fee, for theirs is the kingdom of the world's tastiest farmhouse cheese. Tucked away in a corner of Ireland, the lifelong friends turn out batch after batch of perfect Coolarney Blues and Golds, thanks to co-operative cows, non-meat-eating fecund milkmaids, songs from The Sound of Music and the wind blowing just so in the right direction across the green meadows of County Cork.
Add to this mixture, Corrie's long lost grandaughter, Abbey, fleeting from a remote but by no means backward Pacific island and an unfaithful husband. And stir in New Yorker, Kit Stephens, heart-broken, burned-out and looking for a purpose to his wasted life.
the magic that Corrie and Fee weave in and out of the cheese vats is legendary, but can they use their powers to turn bitterness and betrayal into love, or will the secret ingredient be lost forever?

That pretty much sums up the story, and loved the character of Corrie and Fee, and also Avis, who helps run the farm, and keeps in girls in order.

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