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Friday, 26 December 2008

Flickr: ATC Beginners

Flickr: ATC Beginners


Well I have finally taken the plunge and made up a few ATC's.
The idea has intrigued me for a few months, so after reading about them, and looking at lots of completed cards, decided to have a go.
It is one of those things where everyone develops their own style, and here are my first attempts.
There is also a good blog on the Flickr site and I have joined the group and added these photos as well.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


My childhood memories of this story are dim, but I can say that this time around, enjoyed reading the tale of Anne Shirley coming to live with Marilla and Matthew at Green Gables.
So many pages reached out with lovely phrases, morals etc. that it was hard to remember all of them. One I liked ;
"It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There would be no scope for imagination then, would there? (Anne talking to Matthew).
and another -
"I do love patchwork, said Anne dolefully, as she hunts through her work basket. I think some kinds of sewing would be nice; but there's no scope for imagination in patchwork. It's just one little seam after another and you never seem to be getting anywhere".

Having never read the other books that follow on from this story, I have now accessed the Bookmooch site, to obtain the other books.

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA by Catherine Paterson

I admit to having a few tears as I came to the conclusion of this book.

A young boy, Jess, finds a friend in Leslie (yes a girl), and together they invent a secret place in the woods to call their own (Terabithia). But this story is really about Jess, growing up and believing in himself. He loves to draw and being the ony boy in his family, appears to be left out of everything and feels totally alien to the everyone.
His friendship with Leslie changes this, and it isn't until Leslie drowns trying to get to their secret place, that he realises what life is about.

Great story.

Friday, 5 December 2008

A Daring Book Challenge: Reviews October-Decemeber

A Daring Book Challenge: Reviews October-Decemeber

The Illyrian Adventure by Lloyd Alexander

Another book for the Daring Book Challenge.
This is a girls own adventure story and a bit of escapism. Vesper Holly is going on an adventure.
Following the death of her father, Brinnie and his wife Mary, are appointed as Vesper's guardians and it doesn't take long before Brinnie and Vesper sail to the country of Illyria, to search for a legendary treasure.
Good story that has adventure, archaeological mystery and the inevitable sides of good and evil.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Some of the selection of plants that we have growing on the property. The Proteas are starting to flower and will do so for months.
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This is a photo of my husband's "toy" and I have to admit to enjoying being a passenger on it as well.
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Candy's Crochet: Upcoming Giveaway!!!

Candy's Crochet: Upcoming Giveaway!!!


I think that I have made mention of this site in an earlier post, but a good time to recommend it again, with the blogs that I have now on my site.
It is called the Poem Hunter, and a wonderful selection of poetry to browse through, especially when you come across a poet, or part thereof mentioned in a book you are reading and you want to know the rest of it.
You can also publish your own poems on the site.

Monday, 1 December 2008

John and Thomas TACK

Here is a photo of the twins in their later years. Wonderful that these photos were sent to me by a family relative.

John (Jack) Thomas TACK

This photo was taken at the weddiing of Elizabeth Ludgate and Thomas Tack in 1903.

Back row (standing)
Elizabeth Ludgate (nee Holland); Nellie Ludgate (nee ??); James Ludgate; John Tack; William Ludgate; Billy Lovell; Eliza Ludgate; George Ludgate;
Front row (sitting)
Lydia Ludgate; Thomas Tack; Elizabeth Ludgate; Louise Ludgate

The other photo is of the twins -John and Thomas

When I first started researching Michael's family line, I hoped that I would be able to go back a few generations. After many hours spent looking through records, the results have exceeded my expectations.
I can remember when I first started compiling family names, and one of the questions I put to Michael was "well can you remember your grandparents names?" His reply - I don't know - we just called them Grandad and Grandma. My hopes dashed before my eyes.
Next question, where did they live?
To a young child, these matters would have been inconseqential, and when you reach the latter part of your life you start questioning why you weren't more inquisitive.

My research to date, has revealed that the TACK family had resided in Buckinghamshire
from about 1720, with William Tack born in that year. He married Anne and they had the following children all born in Ashendon Buckinghamshire:

Thomas born 12 Jan 1752
Ann born 19 Jun 1744
Grace born 1746
Francis born 1756
John born 3 Jun 1759

John Thomas Tack is descended from Thomas Tack, who married Sarah WAYIN 12 Feb 1772 at Hillisden Bucks. Their children, all born in Ashenden were:

Mary born 1772
Henry born 1775
William born 1779
Thomas born 1782
Ann born 1788

We then follow on with Henry (born 1775) who married Ann Wood in Ashendon 16 Oct 1794
12 children were born:

Sarah born 1796
Mary Ann born 12 Aug 1798
Elizabeth born 1800
William born 1801
John born 1803
Richard born 1804
Harriet born 1806
Ann born 1808
Henry born 1810
Maria born 1811
Phillip born 1814
Mariah date not known

The next link in the chain is when William (born 1801) marries Mary Allen in Ashendon 13th Oct 1823.
Their children were:

John born 1824
Henry born 1827
Elizabeth born 25 Jul 1829
Ann born 22 Apr 1832
Sarah born 1835
Mary Born 1838
Rebecca born 1843

Henry married Mary Lovell 15 Apr 1850 in Wing Buckinghamshire, and they were the parents of John Thomas Tack.

John had 7 siblings, one of which was his twin brother, Thomas. Ironically, they married sisters, - John married Louise Ludgate in 1904 at Windsor Berkshire, and Thomas married Elizabeth Mary Ludgate in 1903.
Both twins lived to a good age, with the death of John 12th March 1960 and Thomas on 20th March 1970.