Friday, 23 January 2009

The Frozen Circle - Peter WATT

The Frozen Circle The Frozen Circle by Peter Watt

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A great story and I red this book in one day.

We are taken back to the end of WW1 in Europe, and then follow 2 Aussie soldiers who are assigned to the British forces in Russia on a special mission (unbeknown to them, to rescue and then kill Princess Maria - the sole survivor of the Czar's family).

Fast forward to present day Australia - a skeleton is discovered on a property, then a second one is found, but they have been in the ground for many years.

Lots of intrigue and you are swept along by the mystery surrounding the skeletons and the background story of the fighting in Russia.

MI6 is involved, both with the original covert operation and the present day.

Must read for fans of Peter Watt.

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