Monday, 10 March 2008


I have just finished reading this book - a huge volume. This is our book group set read for May this year. The story covers so much of the author's life in India, and I felt that it gave a good insight into the Indian (sub-continent) psyche; from the lives of the people in the slums, to the villages, the Indian Mafia etc.
Such wonderful characters as well.

Whenever our book group visited some of the second hand book stores in our area, we often would be asked if we had read this book. So when I was compiling the reading list for this year, decided to include this story.
Will be interesting to have our discussion and hear what the other ladies felt about this story.

My next read is WIND AND WATER by Ang Chin GEOK. (a family saga reveals the true roots of fengshui).
I am interested in the principles of fengshui, so this caught my eye whilst browsing through the books on a visit to Childers.
Once I have finished this story, will post the book on the BOOKMOOCH site, and see if anyone is interested.

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