Wednesday, 21 May 2008


In the latest newsletter for the Rare Fruits Council (Wide Bay branch) I included an article on the artifical sweetener, Aspartame, and the terrible health effects of it.
Today I have caught up with my emails, and there was my regular newsletter from The Food Coach website. The Article of the week is How a simple diet diary revealed aspartame poisoning.
It would appear that a researcher conducted a 2 year 8 month experiment on the effects of aspartame on rats. She fed some of them the relative equivalent of two thirds the aspartame contained in a cane of diet soft drink
(see this incredible study).
The photos of the diseased and genetically altered rates that accompany her article are terrifically shocking. How did something so toxic find its way into out diets:
Aspartame is simply the most dangerous substance that is added to food, if you called processed food "food".
I am constantly shaking my head when I see the so called food that some people consume, and then they also have a can of soft drink in the other hand. What's the saying - Rubbish in, Rubbish out. In this case, the long term health benefits are disastrous.
Maybe in years to come, there will be a class action against the food manufacturers, for the so called "preservatives" and other ingredients they are adding to our food.

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