Sunday, 13 July 2008


Our Rare Fruits Group had an enjoyable day yesterday, as a few members of different nationalities showed us how to cook the vegetables etc. that they use.
We were shown how to cook with Bitter Melon or Gourd - both as a hot dish with pork, and also as a salad.
Banana Blossom that was made into a salad.
Sweet Leaf and Kan Kong was also cooked up, and I especially enjoyed these dishes.
Another side dish was a large bunch of Garlic Chives that had been chopped into 3/4cm pieces, cooked in oil till it started to wilt, then 4 beaten eggs were added to the dish.
Another Malaysian speciality was Black Rice - this was delicious as well.

In the Sri Lankan area, a yummy Eggplant dish was cooked, as well as a Chicken Curry.
The recipes I can post later on, as these will be included in our next groups newsletter, which I will have to edit in a couple of weeks time.

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