Friday, 3 April 2009


The Dark Tide The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross

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The story starts with the bombing of a commuter train in Greenwich, New York and Charlie Friedman was on that train.

He was supposed to have died - but a year later, his widow realises he is alive, after watching a TV show on the 1st anniversary of the bombing - Karens sees a fleeting image of someone in the background footage and realises it is Charlie.

This was the perfect scenario for him, for people to believe that he had died, as prior to the bombing, he had been living on the edge - he had lost millions of dollars,short telling on the oil market and some bad people were after him.

Along the way, innocent people are caught up in the web and murdered.

A police officer decides to track down Charlie, in his own time, and find the truth for Karen, his wife.

very fast moving story.

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