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It has been sometime since I updated my research on the family line of William ADAMS and Sarah Jane LINSLEY, and felt that I should start recording the results.

I was fortunate to make contact in 2004 with Ian Brothers, who lives in Grenfell NSW as he had an entry in the Genealogical Research Directory for William ADAMS, and I made contact by phone. We soon realised that there was a connection, 3rd cousins, and since that time we have swapped correspondence and he very kindly shared a lot of his research that he had done over the years.
His findings have been very well documented and this helped me to start compiling my family record.
Ian had created an ADAMS-LINSLEY OCCASIONAL NEWSLETTER way back in July 1995, to keep other family members in the link with what he had discovered - interesting snippets of what he has gleaned from tracing some of the families and searching through various records.
I know that I have had contact from a few of the researches via the Genes Reunited site. This is a great online site to track down people and share details that you may have in common with a fellow researcher.

So without further ado, I'll make a start.


So far, it is assumed that James and Maria were the parents of WILLIAM ADAMS.
William's Death Certificate shows the name of his father as JAMES ADAMS and maiden surname of mother as MARIA.
His place of birth is shown as Plymouth England, but other records show Norfolk.

A contact through the Norfolk Transcription made available the following details:

Baptism for WILLIAM s.(son) of James & Maria ADAMS of Yarmth. baptised April 30th, 1816. Occ. Carter.

It would appear that James and Maria had these other children:

James s. of James & Maria ADAMS, of Yarmth, baptised May 9th, 1814. Occ. Carter
Henry s. of James & Maria ADAMS, of Yarmth. baptised Oct 23rd, 1818. Occ. Labourer
Stephen Henry s. of James & Maria ADAMS, of Yarmth, baptised Aug 25, 1822.
Occ. Labourer
Maria. d. of James & Maria ADAMS, of Yarmth. baptised Nov 12th. 1823. Occ. Carter
Harriot d. of James & Maria ADAMS, of Yarmth. baptised March 2nd 1826. Occ.Carter

Also a Marriage:

James ADAMS, X bachelor of this parish, married Maria LONG, X, spinster of this
parish, by banns.
Feb 6th, 1814.
Witness; William HOBBS, Ann ADAMS X.

The X presumably meaning they made their mark, as they were unable to sign their names.

At this point in time, I have gone with this, until further informatin comes to hand.

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