Friday, 6 November 2009


I have been enjoying reading my books since the last post, plus catching up with some cooking.
One of the books that I got from the library - DARK ANGELS by Karleen Koen, is proving to be a wonderful story. I have been able to get a copy of this book through the BOOKMOOCH site, as well as one of the others in the series.
The story is set in England in the era of Charles the 2nd and I would recommend this author to anyone who loves reading historical fiction.

The protea bushes that I have in the garden are prolific growers - must love the sand and I was able to pick a few to bring into the house

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Not the best of photos, but will give a glimpse of the flowers.

One of the orchids has flowers as well - think it is called Dancing Lady

Whilst walking around the garden, the chickens had to join in as well. We have 11 at the moment - 3 Rhode Island Reds, 5 Black Australorps, and 3 Lohmann Browns and here are a couple of photos of them

There is nothing to compare to fresh free range eggs, and you would never go back to shop bought eggs after tasting these. Lovely rich yellow yolks.

I may just get back to my book now.