Saturday, 31 October 2009


Our last stop on the trip was to the Ginger Factory at Yandina. Anyone that loves ginger, this is the place to stock up on your supplies.
We all headed for the shop to get the big bags of ginger pieces - these are 1kg bags of factory seconds - just $12.95.
As I use this a lot in my baking, as well as mixing with my fruits and nuts as a nibble mix, well worth it.
Also indulged in a bag of Chocolate Coated Ginger Pieces (Dark Chocolate); a jar of Chilli and ginger mustard and a jar of Crushed Ginger.

Always on the lookout for one of my favourite soaps as well - Lemon Myrtle, and one of the shops there - Traditional Herbs and Scents had a great range of the products.

I have a small Lemon Myrtle tree growing, and prefer to use the leaves in my cooking instead of a Bay Leaf. The leaves have a lovely lemon taste and smell and you can also crush the leaves and infuse to make a tea.

This was our last stop for the day, and it was back on the bus for our journey home.
The bus made good time and we arrived back just before 5.30pm. (the bus had left at 7.00am).

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