Thursday, 10 January 2008


Our Lychee tree produced a good crop this year, and this is the last of them. With the rain that started yesterday (9th Jan), planted out a seeding that I have been nurturing - SWEET TAMARIND. The seeds came from a property near Bundaberg, (one of the Rare Fruit members) and I managed to get two seeds to strike. The pulp of the Sweet Tamarind is much nicer to eat than the ordinary Tamarind; the seedling is being given a good start, as one of our chickens died yesterday, so she has been buried with the new tree.

Next crop to look forward to is MANGO. We have managed to place small netting bags around all of the Kensington Pride variety (the bags I made from Tuille and there is a drawstring around the top, so they can be bunched in once placed around the fruit. As I only had a limited number of these bags, the next best thing was the mesh bags that hold the onions and fruit.
These also are working well, with a peg used to hold them at the top.
The big test will be whether the King Parrots will be deterred by the bags or else try and peck the fruit through the small holes!!

Two new Passionfruit have also been planted and a Longan, which is a fruit likened to the Lychee.

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