Monday, 28 January 2008


I had hoped to post articles, thoughts etc. every few days, but when you have a large garden to look after, especially during the summer, days at the computer become precious. Let's hope for a few rainy days to help out.
The title of this blog came about as our book group, through our reading, tries to put into perspective, the history and especially the monarchs in England. I know that there are various sites you can access on the net, such as English Timelines and history sites that can give you an overall picture, but a good reference book would be handy. Anyone know of one?
Here is a site, that I keep in my Favourites to access with my family history research. - you could spend hours just browsing through the various topics, which then lead you into other fields.
One for your Yvonne!!

For those interested in poetry - here is a good site to also add to your Favourites -
I found this after searching for a poem that was mentioned in a book(may have been one by Elizabeth Elgin) and the extract was from The Highwayman by Alfred NOYES.
Enjoyed reading it so much, that I printed out a few more of his work.

Likewise whilst listening to Radio National on Saturday morning, an interview was held with the songwriter Paul Kelly, and he had been watching a DVD with his daughter (In Her Shoes starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette), and a verse from a poem was used -
the poet was John Shaw NEILSON - his poems are also on the site mentioned above.

In an earlier blog I mentioned a Vanilla Slice recipe. Well I made this yesterday, and had a piece with our coffee after dinner. My husband enjoyed so much that he had a second slice.
Had to laugh when he asked how I got the pattern in the biscuit. Men are not observant at times!! or is that an understatement.

A number of contacts have been made through my research - mainly on the TACK family - the Genes Reunited site is proving very worthwhile. I have had 2 contacts also to do with the MOHR FAMILY - Henry MOHR married Frances DUTTON 1883 in Queensland. Frances ws born in 1862, and her parents were Frederick James DUTTON (B 1833 Cockfield Suffolk and Emma BAILEY). Frederick James is my grandfather on my mother's side, and he was in the regiment who were sent to the Eureka Stockade.

Now if only I could make some inroads into the COWLEY family. I think I have the right family members of my paternal grandfather, Alfred COWLEY, but my paternal grandmother is a mystery. Her marriage certificate gives her names as Emily HAMMOND born abt 1898 Townsville, but the parents names given differ to that on her death certificate.
Likewise her sister, Alice has her surname shown as Hammet with different parents?
A mystery that no doubt will be unravelled in time.

A lady did contact me a few months back, to say that her grandfather I think, was Matthew COWLEY, whose father was David COWLEY, and that Matthew had migrated to Canada.
I have not been able to re-establish contact with this lady - maybe she has changed her email address.

Must finish off here and get a batch of biscuits out of the oven - Peanut Butter Cookies this time.

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