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Tuesday, 12 August 2008



I have finally made a start on my list (my only excuse being that I have been reading other books!!).
Anyway I was able to get a copy of this book from the BOOKMOOCH site - my local library did not have a copy. I knew little of the author, and enjoyed the book so much that I finished within a few hours.
Also I was not aware of the Newberry Medal and Newberry Honor Books Award (of which this book was a winner) - Joh Newberry, a famous 18th century publisher and seller of childrens books in England. The awards were first given in 1921 and have come to represent the best in childrens literature.

Anyway the tale is of Kit, a young teenage girl, who leaves Barbados after the death of her grandfather, and arrives unannounced at the home of her aunt & uncle in Connecticut. She does not fit in at first, especially with the strict Puritan values and can ony dream of returning to the warmth of Barbados.
Time changes her outlook, as she settles into the family routine, and she meets Hannah, who is a Quaker, and known as The Witch of Blackbird Pond.
Lots of suspiciou abounds in the community and Kit is also accused of witchcraft.
The charge does not eventuate, when the truth comes to light, of her friendshipi with a small girl, Prudence, who has comes to Kit to learn to read and write.

All ends well and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Young Adult novels.

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