Sunday, 17 August 2008


THE DARK IS RISING by Susan Cooper

I have been lucky enough to be given the other books in the series to read and am hooked!! Only one more to go and already I am feeling that I could sit down and read them againi.
A twist also is that being set in Buckinghamshire, the place names are familiar to me and my husband, as this is his place of birth. In fact his ancestors have been in Bucks. since the 1700's (so far anyway in my research).
The characters are wonderful and there are snippets in the other books as well that reach into your mind and you smile and agree with the author on her take of the situation - especially in relation to the present day ethos of greed and power.

Young Will is the hero of the saga and what a task he has been set - on his 11th birthday he is made aware that he is one of the Old Ones (of the Light) and his quest is set before him.
I don't want to give too much away, but would recommend that all of the books be read - eventhough this one, the Dark is Rising could be read on its own, but you wouldn't get the full enjoyment I believe.

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