Thursday, 28 May 2009

MARCIA WILLETT - A Week in Winter

A Week in Winter A Week in Winter by Marcia Willett

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
If you are a fan of Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher, you will enjoy this story.

This author has a down to earth style, which engages you through the entire book.

Relationships are opened up in a family - Maude decides to sell Moorgate after being widowed for a year. Hector, her husband, had children from his first marriage and one of the girls, Selina, wants to buy Moorgate (which is situated on the edge of the moor in Cornwall).

But Rob, the contractor who has been renovating the property, has a passion for the house as well.

Into the story comes Melissa, a young woman dying of cancer. After she has seen the property advertised for sale, she decides it would be the perfect place for her brother Mile, and his young son Luke.

Once she sees the house, she falls in love with the place and Rob also, and makes plans to buy the house, quickly before she dies.

Her death shatters Rob, as he was not aware of her illness.

Other characters make the story as well, and this book is very enjoyable.

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