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People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

People of the Book People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

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As I read this story, I was torn between coming to the end so that all would be revealed and keeping the story going, so that I could enjoy more of the characters, the history and learning more of the Jewish background.

The story travels over a few countries:

Hanna - leaving Australia to work on the Haggadah.

Sarajevo - where the book is held in the museum

Vienna - where Hanna's mentor, the elderly Professor lives

Venice - in the early days when the Jews settled there

America - where Hannah meets up with her mother in Boston (her mother

a famous surgeon is there to give a lecture, and is involved

in an accident.

The other lady in the car is killed and it turns out that she,

Delilah Sharansky, was Hanna's grandmother.

Spain - where the Haggadah first appears

Each chapter draws you further into the story.

Sad and upsetting how through each era in the history of the book (haggedah), the cruelty of man shines through - all in the name of religion.

Fascinating insight into the Haggadah and the scienes now available to test microscopic bits of everything and date them.

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