Saturday, 24 October 2009


I came across a recipe in an issue of Earth Garden magazine, for an easy and cheap way to make Ice Cream. Here it is:

350ml (1 1/2 cups milk)
300ml Cream - I used thickened cream
1 tin of condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
optional flavourings

Mix all ingredients together. Place in freezer. When Ice crystals form, take out of freezer and remix. Refreeze.

Or you could use an electric ice cream churn (which I did).
This makes 2 litres.

Without flavourings, makes a delicious vanilla ice cream. You can also add a raw egg or two. This will make it gorgeous and rich.

I did add just 1 whole egg to the above recipe.


I also liked being able to make in my ice cream maker, as that way I could sit down and read. From the books that I chose from the ibrary, have read 2.

The Island by Heather Graham
(I enjoyed the book "Ghost Walk" by this author and this story didn't disappoint.
Southern Florida - Beth and her brother and niece are camping on one of the Islands, when her niece discovers a skull, and not an old one, as Beth can see hair still clinging to the skull.
They are interrupted by the arrival of more campers - Beth feels uneasy and covers the skull with palm leaves so she can come back and investigate further. When she goes back to the site, the skull has gone and she is told by her brother that it was just her imagination. She sets out to prove this theory wrong.
Some of the themes in the story - missing yachties; murder; luxury boats, old ship wreck etc.

Name to a Face - Robert Goddard
Good story - another shipwreck theme in this story; this time off the island of Scilly and the wreck dates back to 1707. A missing ring is also involved.
Tim Harding, a gardener in France is asked to do a favour for his tax-exile employer(Barney Tozer)- go to an auction in Corweall (Penzance) and help Barney's brother, Hamphrey, bid at auction for a family heirloom (a ring). This ring had been in the possession of Barney & Humphreys' uncle.
But Tim hasn't been told the full story and gets involved in murder and an investigation into Euro fraud.

I have started on a Reginald Hill book - not read any of his stories, eventhough I have seen a few of the Dalziel and Pascoe TV series.


Anonymous said...

Nice recipe. By the way, there is an interesting sudoku site at

burrum said...

Thanks for the feedback and will check out the sudoku site.
Have to confess to becoming addicted to the game.