Saturday, 31 October 2009


Another shop I found, called PRESENT, lured me in when I saw some japanese dolls.

These in fact are KIMMIDOLLS and are collectors pieces. I had never seen them in our area before, so with my love of things oriental, that was it.

There is a website that you can check out for the entire range of this merchandise, and the apparently, some of the pieces are only out for a certain time period, I think 3 months, then other are added.

I purchased MOMOKO - 'Peace" and the wording on the box says:

My spirit strengthens and brings prosperity.
You share my spirit by always advocating and promoting peace.
Embrace my spirit, use its power to build strength, promote unity, and bring prosperity.

YUKO - 'Affectionate'

My spirit is loving and warm.
By living the love you feel, you share my spirit. Show your affection in the warmth of your embrace and in the sincerity of your words, and you will know the true joy of living.

KICHI - 'Lucky'

My spirit is curious and adventurous.
By trying new things and challenging yourself, you release my spirit.
Discover the power of my spirit to open up new possibilities and greater opportunities.

Even with the time we had there, still did not get to visit some of the places; maybe next time.
Our next leg of the journey was down the range and to visit the Ginger Factory at Yandina.

Here is a photo, taken in the bus, of Anita and Sue.

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