Thursday, 7 January 2010


I had started sewing this Shopping Canvas Tote with the machine embroidery quite a few months back, and when I came to sew on the webbing, realised that there wasn't enough. Had used some of it to mend a strap on Michael's golf bag.
As we needed to go to the shops for a few things, the opportunity arose to visit the Craft Warehouse. Lucky enough to get a lovely red colour in the width that I needed, and surprised to see other colours as well.
Once home I got stuck into the sewing and finished the bag.
The idea is from the site - Advanced Embroidery Designs in their projects section.
Called Shopping Canvas Totes with Applique Embroidery.

Whilst going through my fabric stash, found a piece of material that I either bought at an Op. Shop for $5-00 (a metre piece) or got from the give away table at our Craft Group. Anyway it is good heavyweight material and decided to sew another shopping tote. Found this patter as a tutorial - Summer Sewing - Classic Tote Tutorial on the site Sew.Mama.Sew

Very pleased with this one as well and liked the idea of the outside pocket. Perfect for my glasses and sunglasses.

Have just found another good piece of material that this patter would suit, so will be making this one again.

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