Friday, 1 January 2010


I was in the mood for bread making yesterday, especially after browsing through my recipe books - so loaded up the pan in the bread maker, hit the settings, pressed the Start Button, and the screen showed a time of 58 minutes.
Something wrong here, so turned off the machine, hoping that it would reset itself.

After sometime, restarted the machine and let it go. Still showing the time of 58 minutes, so let it run through the cycle.
After it had finished, took out the dough - which had cooked mind you, and stared at the machine in disgust.
Checked back through my paperwork, and bought the machine in June 2008 - and of course, the 12 month warranty has passed - isn't that the way.
Left with no choice but to make my bread rolls by hand.

The recipe I chose was from the Simple Green Frugal Blog - the article being Successfully Soft Hamburger Buns.

Success with this recipe and they cooked in my gas oven in less than the time quoted, but what the heck. Had one each with our dinner last night and very nice and tasty. The others I have packed into bags in the freezer.

Another good site for bread recipes in on All Recipes where I have found quite a few to try, starting with Amish White Bread

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