Monday, 30 June 2008


I admit to not having heard of this book until one of the ladies at Craft today asked me to check the Bookmooch site to see if I could get a copy.
Well I was lucky, as there were 3 copies of the book, and I have mooched one of them to get it sent to me.
The story is set in Hungary, and searching on Google, I found that the author has 2 other books - THE WHITE STAG and THE SINGING TREE.

Received another 2 books in the mail today via the Bookmooch site, and I reciprocated by posting off 2 books I had been asked for - one to New South Wales and another to West Yorkshire.

Will say yet again - a wonderful concept.

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Fritz said...

She has far more than "2 other books" - "The Chestry Oak" is my all time favorite book, to the point where I took it from a summer camp library 30 years ago because I couldn't bear to leave it (the only thing I've ever stolen). I think she's writes the most beautiful children's books I've ever read. I donate heavily to libraries now...