Saturday, 26 December 2009


For my lunch today, I enjoyed some Lychees and a Mango from our garden. Everything is organically grown, and the taste is all the sweeeter when you have grown your foods from scratch.

The mangoes in the front of the picture are Kensington Pride, which I may be biased, but have a wonderful taste. Last year, the biggest fruit that we picked off the tree weighed in around 800grams, and my husband Michael and I shared it between us.

The mango crop has been better than expected, given the lack of rain over the past 3 months, so we are thankful for what we have on the trees.

Same goes for Lychees - I had been feeding the tree and giving it extra water, and managed to cover the fruit just as it started ripening, so that the birds could leave me some.

Should mention a good blog that I checked out this morning called Down to Earth .I was listening to Radio National yesterday morning and Anthony Fennell, the presenter, was interviewing the lady who runs the blog.
The blog is very well presented and has a huge following, so check it out.