Tuesday, 22 December 2009


On my last visit to my local library, came across this series and have just finished Book One - Emperor by Stephen Baxter.
The series is called TIME'S TAPESTRY, and starts with the Prologue at 4 BC - the story then follows on with the Prophecy of Nectovelin and the return of the Romans to Britain AD 43-70.
Gave me a good insight in the early history of Britain and the Romans. Especially liked the descriptions of how Hadrian's wall came about. All of this is interspersed with the people that are connected to the Prophecy.
Next book is called CONQUEROR and is in the time period 1066.
There are 4 books in the series and looking forward to the others.

Every so often I have a browse through different websites after putting in phrases etc. into Google. Historical fiction lists was the last one I used, and came across a site called Historical Fiction Network, which then has links to other sites.
After reading one of my favourite publications, Historical Novels Review, I requested an inter-library loan on a book by Sarah JOhnson called Historical Fiction, and have been able to get a copy.
Hoping that I may get it before Christmas, but if not, good reading for the New Year.
The only drawback in finding other sites, is that my TBR list is growing so much, that I would have to read a book a day for years, just to get through it. What a great thought though.

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