Sunday, 8 March 2009


There is no time like the present to start on this project, and I know that along the way, other family books are going to be created.
My original idea was to tackle this project, using scrapbooking, but after getting wrapped up in making Artist Trading Cards and collage work, this seems the better option. Plus I have seen Altered Books on various blogs, created by people who are researching their family history and the results speak for themselves.
My friend, Diane, has just finished a book on this theme, and it was wonderful to turn each page and gasp at the images and captions she had used.

First step is deciding on the size of the book that I am going to use - how many pages to allow. I figure that this shouldn't be a problem, as I can always create another book.

Which family name do I start with? As I have researched both my family (COWLEY, DUTTON, WATSON, ADAMS, GARGARO etc). and my husband's (TACK, LUDGATE, BOSWORTH etc. etc.), there are lots to choose from. But I have decided to start with WATSON, which is my maternal grandfather(George Bernard WATSON) and see where the pages take me.

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Aimeslee said...

Interesting idea to do this in an altered book. To me, this requires courage, lol. That I don't have. I will be looking forward to what you do with this. :-)