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THE NINTH STONE by Kylie Fitzpatrick

Ninth Stone Ninth Stone by Kylie Fitzpatrick

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A good story that has history, murder and mystery as its elements.

an orphan girl, Sarah O'Reilly has disguised herself as a boy so that she can work in a newspaper office. There she meets a young widow, Lily Korechyna, who writes a column for the paper, under another name.

The time period is 1864 and ladies were frowned upon for being "outspoken and independent".

Lily is asked by Lady cynthia Herbert to catalogue her collection of jewels. Lady Cynthia has recently returned from India, where she met with the Maharaja of Benares - and he entrusts her with a number of jewels, so that s special charm can be made.

It would appear that the jewels have a curse on them, as 3 people die, who have come in contact with them (including Lily).

A few years after Lily's death in India, Sarah decides to travel there and come to terms with the past events.

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