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Monday, 6 July 2009


The pages are getting easier to bring together, and after browsing through my old photo albums and seeing how some of the photos (take over 30 years ago)are fading, decided to remove them all from the albums and recycle into my art work.
Plus I can reuse the albums (removed the old plastic covering the photos).

Have incorporated a couple of the photos taken in Egypt into my page.


nessa5 said...

arnt gluebooks fun! :)

burrum said...

Have to agree with you - very addictive at the moment.

Artyfax said...

Hi found this via PDA.

Have been procrastinating over doing some altered books - I suppose waiting for inspiration. As you say in one of your posts, perhaps I should just dive in.

One thing puzzles me here... what is a glue book and how does it differ from an altered book?

BTW great blog

burrum said...

I suppose you could say the difference between altered books and glue books is in my opinion, you can be very art inspired with an altered book - paint the background page, add textures, embellishments etc.
With a glue book you can start off by just gluing images onto a page of a book, then when you feel comfortable, add what you want.